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KG-01 - Paper Clipboard Size A1

    A1 paper clipboard is widely used in seminars and group meetings to present a specific problem. The paper clipboard, known as flipchart board allows users to adjust height, tilt and fold when not in use.

1.628.300 VND

Paper clipboard A1 size has been produced and supplied by Bavico company on the market for over 16 years.

Paper clipboard is favored by outstanding features such as the ability to clip the paper size A1 on the board surface, which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the height and tilt. The paper clip board can be folded when not in use.

The product Paper clipboard of Bavico is using German technology. The panels are imported from Korea, the surface is particularly easy to erase and does not leave a mark on the board after use. The  5cm*5cm squares on the surface are manufactured by Union Company - Korea. The board also have a thick, solid and elegant aluminum frame. 

Paper clipboard legs: can be selected by shiny stainless steel or white electrostatic iron paint.

The paper clipboard has a board size of 60x100cm vertical rectangle suitable for A1 paper size of 594x841mm.

Fast and convenient delivery.

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1. Board surface: A1 paper clipboard is made of the main material is a 3.5dem thick steel powder coated steel imported from Union - Korea.

2. Board`s frame border: A1 size paper clipboard is thick, aesthetic and firm with new aluminum frame.

3. Stainless steel foot frame: A1 frame clamp leg frame is made of shiny stainless steel with high durability for many years of use.

4. Paper clip board uses German technology.

Kích thước sản phẩm (D x R x C cm): 60 x 0 x 100